Rebellion! What?!?!

Because I am such a rebel, I won’t write this blog!

But I will rebel against the rebellion of not writing by writing- certainly not because my grade and GPA depend on it.

When it comes to coming of age rebellion, my perspective on it is that it is unavoidable, and mostly good. Even the most shy and quiet and obedient friends I had when I was a kid grew up to be rebellious during their teenage years. I wouldn’t say that it is a completely bad thing as to me a little bit of chaos is often necessary to learn the full extent of order, although, keep in mind I am writing this still as a teenager and technically, my age still counts as ripe for being a ‘teenage delinquent’ so who knows?

But yes, ultimately, I do think that it is a natural process of growing up regardless of family virtues that were instilled. In that light, I do not believe it is a reflection on parents for their kids being rebellious, at least to an extent. How far the rebelliousness goes or how severe it is can certainly be, in some cases, a reflection on the family but a little bit here and there is by no means avoidable and should not incur the judgement or wrath of society.

Why we rebel huh? We don’t. We just know the best for ourselves and we act on that regard. We know that what we think has to be correct as the older people know nothing about living in our time. And because we are so smart we also don’t need to listen to anything anyone else says as we are grown ups who can take care of themselves. Rebelling is for kids, and we are not kids. As I said before, we are full grown citizens and we know what is best for ourselves, and don’t you dare say anything else otherwise because if you do, well………………………………………………….I won’t listen to you anyways.

-Raving Ranter.